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Professional Photo Sessions

Professional Photo Sessions

Welcome Photographers! Red Oak Lavender Farm offers you the opportunity to book full or mini photo sessions for your clients! We offer two - 4 hour blocks a day, morning (6am - 11am) & evening (4pm - 8pm). You may book one client per session or use this reservation time to book multiple mini-sessions. The 4 hours of time is your choice.

June is the prime time to catch the lavender in bloom, however we offer reservations available from June 1, 2018 through June 25th, 2018.

Please contact us 678-577-9041 to reserve your date or get more information. Cost is 100.00 per 4 hour session with only 50.00 deposit to reserve your date. An invoice will be sent for you to pay the deposit and this will confirm your reservation date. Then balance is due a week before your reserve date. *We try our best to reschedule your time for rain days - only if raining here at the farm. Please call day of session to check weather at the farm..


 Cancellation Policy: All reservations are non-refundable and are due upon booking. Once reserved, photographers are not allowed to make any alterations in the reservation without contacting Red Oak Lavender Farm in writing/email, so we can research availability. The only alterations in reservations we may consider is due to inclement weather. Note – inclement weather in your area does not necessarily mean there is inclement weather at the farm. As long as there is no inclement weather at the farm, all reservations will still proceed as planned. Every effort will be made to reschedule due to inclement weather. Any cancellation notifications other than inclement weather rescheduling, will not be accepted.

General Photography Guidelines: We ask that you honor these policies when using Red Oak Lavender Farm as the backdrop for any photography, artwork or filming product. Guests should come dressed and prepared for their photo session. There are no changing areas available and the public restroom is not to be used to change clothes. Commercial shoots for magazines or film for movies will have use of changing rooms for your models.Be respectful of our plants and gardens. You may not clip, move or modify our lavender or any plant on the farm. Do not place equipment (or people) on top of plants. Electrical power is not available. If you show up without a reservation you will regretfully be turned away. 

Additionally: Red Oak Lavender Farm works hard to provide a beautiful farm year round. We are a working farm and cannot guarantee that we won’t have project(s) free from your ‘ideal’ vantage point(s). Since we are a working farm, the photographer is responsible for their own work and quality of pictures. We do not allow the use of our animals in posed positions and cannot guarantee that they are omitted from your shots. However, if you want to take pictures of the wildlife/farmlife, then you are more than welcome to picture them without disturbing them. All photo shoots must take place in the general public area(s) and/or special arrangements may need to be made otherwise. Red Oak Lavender Farm reserves the right to refuse admittance for photography and/or change its photo policy without advanced notice. Some areas of the farm may not be available the day of your reservation due to unforeseen circumstances. Thank you!


2018 Photo Session Calendar is Available NOW! 


Please note: We are not a photographer. If you are looking to get your photos taken on the farm, you must first find a photographer whom will contact us to book your reservation.

Photography by customers is welcome during our regular hours of operation! During the month of June only admission to farm in July (cost 5.00 per adult). We ask that if you get a particularly good shot on the farm, that you share it with us for use on our Facebook page! Now, there is a difference between a camera phone and a professional camera. Our guests are more than welcome to use their professional-style cameras, however if your innocent photos turn into a photo shoot, we can and will reserve the right to turn you away and charge our normal professional photo session fee of 50.00. Professional sessions always require a confirmed reservation.


Special Thank You to:

Kelli Bell with Sweet Life Atl Photography


Victoria Nielson Photography

for allowing us to use some beautiful photos of the farm for our website!